Help us improve the physical and mental well-being of our local Defence community, with lots of ways to get involved!

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The past six editions have seen a huge change in The Top Ender Magazine. From the obvious changes in the visual design and layout, to the overall quality of the content submitted, we thank our amazing contributors and supporters!








The traditional methods of advertising are very effective for brand awareness campaigns. As the only Defence-supported community magazine in the NT, we distribute each edition to over 3000 Defence personnel and their families, Defence community spaces and our valued supporters in the region. Advertising with us enables you to communicate with a targeted, engaged audience.

We offer three ways to build your brand with us.


We welcome submissions from community members, local businesses, Defence-related organisations and more. Submissions must be related to lifestyle, travel and tourism, health and wellbeing, community or Defence in the NT. There is no cost involved when submitting an editorial, but it is not guaranteed to be published. 


Advertising space is allocated to local businesses as a priority on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will accept adverts from outside the Top End region if they have a Defence connection (e.g. owner or specialist provider). We encourage advertisers to include a small discount coupon for goods/services in their advert. 


Advertorials are a combination of an editorial and paid advert, which guarantees the inclusion of the editorial article in the final print edition. Advertorials consist of an article and an advert of the same size, doubling your coverage for the single cost of the advert.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Like our Defence Health partnership, we offer exclusive sponsorship opportunities that support our community events, initiatives and workshops. These rare opportunities are allocated based on the event, initiative or workshop and how it connects to the sponsor.

Donations and Discounts

We typically run between 2-4 competitions per edition. We accept contributions, donations or discounts of goods/services as competition prizes.


What's in it for you?

Your branding appears alongside the competition, and you are featured throughout our social media networks as a valued supporter of the Defence community.


Our partnership with Defence Health has provided gift packs designed to improve the mental well-being of the local Defence community, who are often struggling with isolation from friends and family while posted to the Top End.

We give one Pamper pack and one Adventure pack to two winners in each edition. We ask our community to nominate themselves or someone they know who deserves to receive a gift pack. This sponsorship provides Defence Health with Brand coverage in every edition, mentions on our social media, and most importantly, our readers associate Defence Health with a positive contribution to our community and experts in their field.