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Sam's Heart is Racing!

We caught up with Darwin racing Mum, Samantha Hoskin to talk about her love of fast cars and racing in the Top End!

What inspired you to start racing? My dad has been my biggest inspiration - he races absolutely anything with 4 wheels including Sprint Cars, HQ, Commodore Cup, Go-Karts!

Racing has been in my family from long before I was born, with dad beginning his need for speed on the water with speed boats and water skiing. He is an adrenaline junky, and being brought up around it, we didn’t stand a chance to not be involved.

For many years, my brother and dad were racing together, however Steven has since taken on the role of Crew Chief for his kids racing in the speedway junior sedans category and also bitumen Karts. So, the opportunity came for me to take over the family legacy.

In the Supercar series, we race a combined category, which includes Excels, HQ, Commodore Cups & Improved Production, so usually a field of 40 cars. This is the only time dad and I race together, and he gets great pleasure racing up behind me in his brute V8, against me in the Excel... with half the horsepower!

What type of vehicle do you race? I have a 1996 Hyundai Excel, racing in the Circuit Excel category, which is an Australia wide category.

What are your greatest challenges? My greatest challenge is keeping Dad and my brother from jumping in my chair. Any opportunity they get, they’re both there trying to get in and take the Excel for a spin. As Dad says, it’s the best thing to drive.

But in all seriousness, many think the challenge is being 1 of 3 women involved in circuit racing in Darwin. I would say that’s the most rewarding part because once the helmet is on, nobody cares what gender you are.

I just get out there, give it all I’ve got and come in knowing that I’ve given it everything - having an amazing support crew helps too.

What do you love about racing? I love the adrenaline rush it gives. Strapping in and knowing you are in full control of your car and nothing else – it's such a thrill.

Having 2 kids, a full-time job, being a president of a dance club and a coach too, and everything else I fill my cup up with, none of it matters when you’re on the track. It is such an escape from reality, and all you have time to think about is what gear you’re in, how you approach the corner, or who you’re trying to get past.

What are your future goals for racing? My goal is to keep showing that even a Mum can jump in a race car and compete with the boys.

It is such an inclusive sport, and we are breaking barriers - I love that as a Mum, sister, friend, work colleague and a dance coach, I can be the Stig as well!

Who is your racing mentor / inspiration? My inspiration would be Bryce Fullwood in the Middys V8 Supercar series - it’s so cool that a Darwin boy has made it to the big league! I was recently accepted into the Napa Motorsports Know How academy and Bryce is my online mentor; he has a wealth of knowledge that we have used to better my race. He is such a down to earth guy and so easy to chat with!

Best advice for someone wanting to race? Come on down, have a chat and give it a go - it is the best decision you’ll ever make.

Interviewed by Deb Herring Committee Member The Top Ender Magazine


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